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DJ Jackie's Bio

I was born in Lebanon, Va. where my father owned a small convenience store chain, and I worked for him from age 15 until started college where I majored in Criminal Justice.......and you can see It took it no where...(yet). From the age of 13 i knew i loved music, in 1999 DJ Jolly Rancher (Jonathan Cooke) decided to give me a chance at DJ'ing . I loved it from the beginning and can honestly say music is my passion and the love of my life. During the day I work at as a computer Administrator. But there's nothing like the night life!!!!!
I would like to thank everyone for all the support over the last 6 years.... i will see you guys on the dance floor!!!!!!!!!!!



Special thanks to:

Buddy Brendle
Jeff Reeves
DJ Johnny
DJ Jolly Rancher
Ralph DeMaria
Ann Sorinio
DJ Lin Benfeild
Central Records (Charlotte) Cabaret Staff
Bobby Ritchie (Laverne) Shana Nicole
Simply Liz
last but never least,
Garry Latimer.







DJ Jackie's Top Ten

1. Stevie Nicks "Planets of the universe"
2. Kylie Manouge "Can't get you out of my head"
3. Shakira "Whenever, Wherever" Tracey Young Mix 4 Mary J. "Family Affair" Illicit Mix
5. Janet Jackson "Son Of A Gun" AL B Rich mix
6. No Doubt "Hey Baby" Ultimix
7. Pusaka "The Worst Thing For Me"
8. Britney Spears "I'M a Slave" Thunderpuss Mix
9. Livin Joy "Dreamer" 2002 Mix
10. We Are Family Foundation--Thunderpuss Mix